Where am I, and how did I get in this handbasket?
Welcome to 2004!

I haven't done any serious work on this website for pretty close to 5 years now. The index page has developed quite a few flaws as the internaut's habits and the Search Engine rules changed. So the "LaunchPad" below had to go. It was a pretty cool idea when I implemented it in '98, but I've been unhappy with the way the old site navigated for a long time. Should have done something about it a while back, but there seemed to be an artificial shortage of round tuits.

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You might have noticed the new address. We've moved out of Portland onto my Great Grandfather's farm in Carlton, so we're working on building a practice in Forest Grove / Hillsboro and McMinnville. David Jones is handling our clients in Portland and has been keeping up with the work load just fine for almost half a year now.
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Draq.pmaco.net is two years old now and is the home of many of our client's websites and e-mail, not to mention this site is hosted there as well. Dean LaVoie has been doing some of the website development work for our clients and would like to some more.
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