PMAco Response Time
Policy Directive (990818djh)
Although we go to great lengths to protect you from a disaster that will leave you unable to produce, it's still going to happen someday. When it does you're going to need one of us to arrive immediately. This could be a problem since we all tend to spend a lot of time in the field and may not be available at the phone when you need us.

Here's how to find us in an emergency:
0) Check clock, if after 4p or weekend, call Doug at home (503) 236-9925. Or if you're in McMinnville, (503) 852-9509.

1) try Doug at the office and leave voice mail (VM): (503) 230-9355
1a) if VM, check AOL Instant Messenger for "PMACo" or "DJHood" and leave an Instant Message.

2) try David at his office and don't leave VM: (503) 228-3469
2a) if busy, check AOL Instant Messenger for "dj2r"

3) if David doesn't answer above, page him: (503) 250-5505
3a) when paging input the phone number you want him to call you back followed by the "pound" (#) sign.
It has been our policy here at PMA Consulting to not charge for telephone tech support since it's inception in 1988, we don't have any plans to change that in the foreseeable future. The only caviat to this policy is that said telephone tech support is only available when we are available at the phone.

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