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PMA Consulting Policy Directive (950613c)
A Domain is a sphere of influence. That's the classic definition and it applies to your "" Domain on the Internet as well as it does to the English Royal Family or the President of the United States. That sphere needs to be handled with a similar concern for security and propriety as that demonstrated by the Oval Office or the Royal Court. As the Internet expands in exponential leaps and bounds like it has in the recent past, your Internet "presence" will take on an increasingly important role and its importance immediately isn't slight.

You have chosen PMA Consulting to help you with your Internet presence. That is something we not only appreciate, but accept as a serious onus of responsibility. Our philosophy is that we're your Information Services Department because you can't justify having someone on your payroll filling that slot. Since we're working for you, we'll develop policy that you would develop yourself given the amount of information we have to hand. Domain Registration is handled by the InterNIC which used to be a government entity and still feels like such when you have to deal with it. That statement sounds derogatory and it is a little, though we have to confess that the level of "red tape" involved with the InterNIC is properly held to a minimum and that which remains does serve to protect owners of Domains from abuses inherrent in a high tech arena. Because dealings with the InterNIC can be much more than a little confusing and because mistakes made in such dealings can have truly disasterous effects on your Internet presence, PMA Co will be registered as the Administative Contact at the InterNIC for your Domain for the duration of our tenure as your Internet consultant.

The following is an excerpt from the InterNIC's Domain-Transfer.txt giving the definition of Administrative Contact:

Sections 4, 5 & 6 - Contacts

* The Administrative Contact/Agent is the person or organization authorized by the domain name Registrant to act on behalf of the legal entity listed in Item 3a. The Administrative Contact/Agent should be able to answer non-technical questions about the legal entity's plans for using the domain name and the procedures for establishing sub-domains.

This should give you an idea of why we're implementing this policy. You're going to have to consult with us and quite probably accept our counsel on any of these decisions anyway, so having us as the official "mouthpiece" to the InterNIC isn't really that much of a hardship. And on the plus side, having us in the loop on any decisions that have to be made in your Domain has many excellent security features. Like we will actually understand the situations underlying any decisions that are being requested. With that understanding comes the ability to "beep" on any irregular requests that might come in also. If you aren't aware of the fascinating relationship that the Internet has with irregular requests, just humor us for now with full confidence that you soon will.

Will this leave you saddled with PMA Consulting for the rest of your natural life? Of course not. Should you need to fire us for any reason, you can simply stand on your "Customer Status" and require us to (M)odify your Registration with the InterNIC and replace us with someone else as Administrative Contact. That procedure only takes one or two days. As with any policy we develop, this one was spawned out of a real problem in the past that this will help prevent in the future. We don't make these things up to make your life miserable, quite the contrary, with our policies in place, your life will be much more simple and the door will be open for greater productivity and less chaos.

Doug Hood - President

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