Basic Connectivity Package
Getting you and your company as completely in control of your domain as inhumanly possible is one of our primary agendas at PMA Consulting. If, however, the $3,000 price tag of your own server is still too rich for your blood, we'll host your domain on our server for you. Find out more over at Draq.
By the time you graduate to your own Webserver in your office on the LAN, you're probably ready to administer that website "locally". You've probably come to this page because you've asked PMAco to set you up with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server and we've told you that you need at least a DSL pipe into your office.
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) at probably 256Kbps to begin with is going to seem like blindingly fast connectivity after your experience with a 56Kbps modem, but it is *definitely* the low end of the scale for a serious pipe to the Internet. It does make it possible to serve your webpages and let client/customers FTP files into your Local Area Network, but this size pipe will eventually become inadequate, so steel yourself now to the fact that you'll have to budget more money in the future to get more bandwidth as your needs grow.
The Cobalt Qube is the magic box that makes it possible for everyone on the LAN to browse the web simultaneously while your website is available to the rest of the world, FTPs are happening at the same time and all your e-mail is going out and coming in. Needless to say, this isn't happening on a Microsoft Operating System. :-)
Your Website:

This package includes a "Business Card" page website so that while you're constructing the Fully Qualified Website, something will come up when people come to visit your site. The link above will show you an example.
Professional Webmasters:

PMA Consulting would be more than happy to design and build your website for you. We're capable of taking constructive and artistic "direction" from paying clients, though not without injecting counsel and advice regardless of said client's desire for such. :-)
Although we almost always "farm out" the actual design work to freelance webmasters, your site design and administration will be handled by our office, so that when we inevitably have to find another code jockey to replace the one that Portland General Electric hired out from under us, we can do so fairly painlessly.

Dean LaVoie does his coding in DreamWeaver.

Kari Dean also codes in DreamWeaver.

My recommendation would be to break out a scalpel and carve yourself a Website portion out of your promotion budget (monthly) and give me that figure. We get $50/hr to code the HTML (considerably undercutting our peers) and get it onto the site and we've got a pretty good idea of how many hours it takes to pull off a project. For starting out a new site, I'd suggest that $500/month is a minimum. Less than that and you won't be happy with how long it is taking to make progress, though we *can* do it for less.

We could also do the interview/proposal thang for a lump sum if you'd rather, though I have to confess that this approach doesn't work nearly as well as the monthly budget one does.

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