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PMA Consulting Policy Directive (990714A)
Any of our Client's Websites are going to be getting editted from multiple "authors" and "helpers" from several different locations in the city/country/planet. This could be a total disaster if we don't have some means of coordinating these efforts.

Why? Because no Virtual Server is exempt from hardware failure and redundancy is therefore necessary. PMA Consulting maintains a copy of your website on the hard disk in our office which gets backed up to tape weekly. We're fairly confident that your ISP has a similar procedure, but choose not to rely on it because it is outside of our control.

And that's just the redundancy factor. There's also the "locked file" factor. This is a networking term that means the file is "locked" while someone is editting it to prevent another person on the network from editting it at the same time. If you've got multiple people handling your website, it can be really frustrating when all your work gets overwritten and lost by someone else replacing your file with their version.
This means that any changes made to your website need to get duplicated on our system to ensure that it is current. In order to facilitate this redundancy, it is vital that any changes made are recorded so that the other concerned parties can update their copies of your site with those changes. Hence the Webmaster's Log.
When you do any kind of Website work, the first action you take is to DL the current copy of the Webmaster's Log and then add an entry to the top of the log with what changes you've made and which subdirectories you've effected. In this manner, the main office as well as any other interested party can use that log to duplicate those changes on their local copy of the website and we'll all be on the same "Page" as it were.
Since this Log is now going to contain more technical data than I really want released to the general public, we will be using HTPassWD tech to restrict access to the Webmaster's log and giving out the Password only to those that need it.
Doug Hood President PMAco975seSandyBv

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